In high school we played Call of Duty professionally (Lackluster Talent; MLG Anaheim 2009), but whenever we traveled around to compete in local tournaments, we realized that there was a serious need for small LAN Centers to have the ability to market/advertise their events! We could always count the number of teams that showed up on only two hands!

As a result, we started throwing together some ideas into a "website", that we created in PowerPoint, in this very format: FIND, HOST, ASK, and TRENDING.

And after a short amount of time, we had an epiphany:

Why don't we do this for any and all competitions?!

And, as a result, over the next few years, the idea grew and the pages and started to fill out as the process of Finding, Hosting, and Asking, developed.

Eventually the family started to fall in love with the ideas to:

1. Find sports leagues, contests/tournaments, and coaching for their kids, locally
2. Have brackets and schedules/information right on their phones (especially useful at the events)
3. Have the ability to HOST and facilitate the competitions that they enjoyed, in their own backyards
4. Have the ability to ASK businesses and other local bodies for the competitions that their kids enjoy the most
5. See the actual statistics for these different requests being made everywhere else

...and then God revealed himself to me.. AND WOW THINGS CHANGED....

...then my parents said they were interested in funding the construction of a prototype

...then we signed a contract for a fraction of what we were getting told it would cost...

Enter Competition.GG >>