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list your competition $5.00:

From MMA to Poetry, whether it's held online or in the real world, it matters not. Let everyone know what you're hosting and that competitors are now welcome through FIND.

collect entry fees:

Never worry about a competitor no-show again; gather and secure money before the event even begins with our no-refund payment system.

mobile brackets:

Double elimination, Round Robin, and Ladder tournament software available for easy viewing on users’ phones— and for scheduling on Hosts’.

Make sure you fill out a bracket online FIRST, if you're going to make one in real life as well (seeding software can get tricky).

notify ASKers:

When you host a competition that people have voted for in your area, those users will be notified that your sign-ups are now available.

trending = demand:

Use TRENDING to gauge the scope of the interest for different types of competition in your area.

easy communication:

Hosts can message competitors— and vice versa— to make mid-competition alerts and adjustments known to all.