PINNED: Submission Form

Copy, paste, and fill out this form with some information regarding a competition/event you'd like to Host or compete in-- we should be able to investigate from there:


Main Competition/Event:
sub-category 1 (optional):
sub-category 2 (optional):
sub-category 3 (optional):
sub-category 4 (optional):
Other Variants:
Additional Information (things we should know):




Example 1 (eSports):

M C/E:   Call of Duty
sc 1:        Call of Duty: WWII (game title)
sc 2:        Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, etc. (game platform)
sc 3:        1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3, etc. (match type)
sc 4:        -
V:            Search and Destroy (game type)
O V:        Capture the Flag, Domination, Hardpoint, etc. (other game types)
R:            Professional, competitive rulesets can be found at
A I:          Current major hosting site;


Example 2 (Traditional):

M C/E:   Basketball
sc 1:        -
sc 2:        -
sc 3:        -
sc 4:        -
V:            3-Point Contest (mini-game)
O V:        Around the World, Lighting, PIG, etc. (other mini-games)
A I:          Rules and other competition formatting can be found at

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